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COXO Dental LED High Speed Handpiece Self-powered Air Turbine Dental Handpiece CX207-F-SP/TP 2 Hole B2 4 Hole M4 Cartirdge YUSENDENT Original

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*YUSENDENT is made by coxo factory which is a professional dental handpiece manufacture in China.
*This led high speed handpiece has 6 Spray(3 Air and 3 Water)
*Air turbine bearings are made in Germany. Good quality,low noise and durable.
*Handpiece cartridge/rotor is well balanced by Germany balancing machine. One year warranty.
*This led coxo handpiece is built with a electric generator which can transfer air pressure to electric power.

*Handpiece with Push botton cap design makes it easy to take dental burs out.
*Four models are available:standard(SP)/torque(TP)and 2holes/4holes
CX207-F-SP-B2:standard head and borden 2holes
CX207-F-SP-M4: standard head and Midwest 4holes
CX207-F-TP-B2: Torque head and borden 2holes
CX207-F-TP-M4: Torque head and Midwest 4holes
*Packing list:1 pcs handpiece, 1 box,1 wrench part

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